60 detained for spreading rumors, threats

Updated: 2007-08-21 21:11

In another case, an Internet user known as Laoshi Heshang (Honest Monk) on July 31 posted a story with the Taiwuliao portal, based in Taizhou, Jiangsu, about police allegedly chasing a man and his pillion passenger son on a motorbike through the streets of Jingjiang city.

The man had failed to stop as required by police after he was seen not wearing a helmet. The bike crashed and the son, who had been enrolled at prestigious Qinghua University, was killed.

The posting caused outrage against the police, who were obliged to contact all six Jingjiang students who had been enrolled at Qinghua University this summer to confirm the story was a hoax.

Laoshi Heshang, the author, was identified by his real surname Ju, 29, who worked with a local utility company. During his detention, Ju showed remorse for defaming the police.

Xia also cited a posting which appeared under the Jiangsu City Forum Column at www.xici.net on April 18, warning of a shooting spree in a middle school in Suzhou city, where the death toll would exceed that of Virginia Tech shootings in the United States two days earlier.

Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department and Suzhou City Public Security Bureau began an immediate investigation. Within hours, they had arrested the writer surnamed Xu in a home in the Canlang District of Suzhou.

During interrogation, unemployed Xu, 27, said he had worked as an English teacher at the school where he fell out with the school authorities. He suspected the teaching staff were colluding in forcing him out of his job.

Xu showed remorse during his detention, said Xia.

Jiangsu provincial public security organizations are to launch an icon on major local online forums for users to report illegal postings to the police.

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