Developing friendly ties with DPRK 'unchanged'
Updated: 2006-10-10 07:14

China: Nuclear device test damages relations

China said that North Korea's nuclear test would damage ties between the two countries although Beijing intended to maintain its friendly policy towards the nation.

"This will no doubt have a negative impact on China and North Korea's relations," foreign ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao told reporters.

"But China's consistent policy of developing a friendly, neighborly policy towards North Korea remains unchanged."

Asked about China's position on sanctions against North Korea, Liu said Beijing "along with other members of the Security Council, will continue to exchange opinions as to what the next steps are to take."

Liu said that China would continue to watch the diplomatic developments.

"But all efforts have to be beneficial towards the denuclearization and the stability of the Korean peninsula and the East Asian region, and for the resumption of the six-party talks," he said.

Liu reiterated China's opposition to military action against North Korea over its nuclear test.

"We do not endorse any military action toward North Korea. We are firmly against that," he said. "Taking military action against North Korea would be unimaginable."

Liu said members of the UN Security Council were not considering military force at this point. "So this is positive," Liu said.

The talks on North Korea's nuclear ambitions -- between China, the two Koreas, the United States, Japan and Russia -- have been stalled since late last year.

"We think the Security Council should take appropriate actions but all actions to be taken should help establish a denuclearized peninsula through diplomatic efforts, dialogue and consultation."