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Shenzhou VI by numbers
(China Daily)
2005-10-13 13:55

2: The number of astronauts carried on the spacecraft.

8: The spacecraft is over 8 metres long and weighs about 8 tons.

9: The volume of the orbit module in cubic metres.

13: The number of subsystems, carried on the craft, including those controlling temperature, power supply, data processing, communications, life protection, return and landing, and emergency reaction.

21: The temperature inside the spacecraft is maintained at 21 C, despite outside temperatures reaching 100 C on the side of the craft facing the sun and minus 100 C on the side in the shade.

60: Noise inside the capsule is limited to 60 decibels.

90: It takes the spacecraft 90 minutes to orbit the Earth once, covering about 680,000 km per day.

343: The distance in km of the spacecraft from the earth.

600: The spacecraft has about 600 equipment units.

100,000: The spacecraft has 100,000 spare parts and components made by thousands of factories.


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