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The Bush family and China
Updated: 2009-05-31 14:43

The Bush family and China
Former US President George W. Bush (Junior Bush), son of George H. W. Bush (Senior Bush), rides his mountain bike with Chinese Olympic hopefuls on the Laoshan Olympic mountain bike course in Beijing, November 20, 2008. [Reuters]

Under the influence of George H. W. Bush, two members of his family also developed links with China -- his son George W. Bush and younger brother Prescott S. Bush. 

Prescott S. Bush, younger brother of the Senior Bush, made his first trip to China seven years after his brother left the top diplomatic post. He later built a golf course in Shanghai -- the first in China.

He served as Chairman of the US-China Chamber of Commerce for years and helped promote bilateral economic exchanges.

The Bush family and China
This undated file photo shows then Premier Zhu Rongji and Prescott S. Bush, former Chairman of the US-China Chamber of Commerce. []

In 1975, the college-age George W. Bush spent two months in China visiting his parents during his father's tenure as the director of US Liaison Office in China from 1974 to 1975. 

As the US media reported, George W. Bush inherited his family's traditional policy towards China during his eight-year presidency from 2001-2009.

The Bush family and China
Former US President George W. Bush (L) laughs with Chinese President Hu Jintao during a photo opportunity at the G8 Summit in Toyko in this file photo taken on July 9, 2008. [file photo]