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Warm Heart Fund: Love on the road

Updated: 2013-04-20 07:44
By Zhuan Ti ( China Daily)

 Warm Heart Fund: Love on the road

Young students at a BMW Warm Heart Fund outing. Since its establishment, the fund has donated some 7.7 million yuan to help nearly 4,000 students in need to continue their studies. Photos Provided to China Daily

Connections, compassion mean the BMW Warm Heart Fund is about more than money, Zhuan Ti reports.

On June 5, 2008, BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive set up the CCF-BMW Warm Heart Fund in partnership with the China Charity Federation, thus providing a long-term platform for BMW, BMW associates, dealers and customers, to provide care to Chinese society. As of December 2012, BMW WHF has accumulated donations of over 91 million yuan ($14.6 million) and effectively delivered loving care and joy, effectively promoting social inclusion and harmony.

The BMW Warm Heart Fund Established in 2008 by the German automaker and the China Charity Foundation plays an important role in integrating the BMW family in various social responsibility activities. Employees at the company and its dealerships, as well as car owners, are all stakeholders in the charity. One of its main missions is educational support for the underprivileged. Since its establishment, the fund has donated some 7.7 million yuan to nearly 4,000 students in need to help them to continue their studies.

Aside from financial aid, the carmaker also offers compassionate and intellectual support through a "companion" program that helps chil

From the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake to the 2010 Yushu disaster, with the determination to stand together with the Chinese people, BMW has provided needed support to affected areas through BMW Warm Heart Fund and has established a timely and practical emergency relief mechanism.

Besides emergency relief, BMW Warm Heart Fund also joins hands with BMW dealers and customers to provide not only materials but also emotional support to the children in remote and rural areas across China through a variety of programs, such as the BMW JOY Home and the Mentor Program. These efforts have made great contribution to create a healthier social environment for the people, especially for the under-privileged children, and therefore help to enhance social understanding and social inclusion.

By the end of 2012, the Mentor Program has facilitated the pairing of around 500 volunteers and students in remote areas as "big buddies" and "little pals". As the first long-term public welfare program jointly initiated by BMW and its dealers and customers, the BMW JOY Home Children Care Program was officially kicked off in 2011 with the aim to provide necessary assistance and emotional care for disadvantaged children. By December 2012, 52 BMW JOY Homes had been set up, covering 27 provinces in China and benefiting 40,000 children.

Additionally, BMW Warm Heart Fund has also made significant contributions in educational support through such programs as the Teachers' Award Program, which has provided 3.7 million yuan in financial assistance and training for over 1300 teachers; and the Students' Grant Program, which has provided nearly 7.7 million yuan to benefit 4,000 students.

Looking to the future, BMW WHF will adhere to the principles of synergy, result-orientation, sustainability and transparency to support the long-term commitment of BMW to the Chinese society.

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