Google may not provide 'new' online mapping services in China

Updated: 2012-02-01 16:03

By Chen Limin (

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Search engine Google Inc may not be able to provide "new" online mapping services in China as the company hasn't received a license from China's industry regulator to conduct business.

From Feb 1, companies that haven't applied for a license to provide online mapping services are not allowed to begin business until approved, while companies that have applied for a license but yet received one should not provide new online mapping services, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping said in a statement on Jan 5.

The Chinese division of Google has submitted its application, the bureau said earlier. However, it didn’t say when a result for the company’s application may be announced.

The Bureau didn't elaborate on what‘new online mapping services' refers to and hasn't replied to a query from China Daily on Wednesday.

Google China said it has "nothing new to add" apart from an earlier statement. Its online mapping service,, was available at press time.