BYD's business areas

Updated: 2011-09-16 17:15


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BYD's business areas

IT Business:

As a one-site mode supplier of cell phones, BYD manufactures various excellent cell phone components. As the leading ODM supplier relying on vertical integration developing mode, BYD provides all-around service including product design, manufacturing, testing, assembly and after sale service. BYD's IT products include Rechargeable Batteries, Plastic Mechanical Parts, Metal Components, Metal Electronics, Keypads, Microelectronics, LCD/LCM, Opto-Electronics, FPC, Chargers, Connectors, UPS, DPS, PV, Cell Phone Decoration, Cell Phone ODM, Cell Phone Testing, Cell Phone Assembly, Laptop PC ODM, Validation and Assembling. Due to its continuous innovation in technologies, R&D and services, BYD has won the trust of many customers including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and other top international telecommunication companies.

As the world's largest rechargeable battery manufacturer, BYD has the largest market share for Nickel-batteries and handset Li-ion batteries worldwide; BYD iron battery technology is in the leading position in the whole world. As a top EMS and ODM provider in the industry and a top supplier of mobile phone parts, BYD has the largest market shares for keypads and cell-phone chargers and the second largest market shares for cell-phone shells.

Auto Business:

In 2003, BYD officially entered the automotive business by purchasing the Tsinchuan Automobile Company Limited (now BYD Auto Company Limited) and started to develop national self-brand automobiles. With seven major industrial bases in Xi'an, Beijing, Pingshan, Huizhou, Shanghai, Changsha and Shaoguan, BYD now has world-class capabilities in whole-car manufacturing, mould R&D, as well as auto model development and it has gradually consummated its business structures and grown up to be the most innovative new brand in China. Its auto products mainly include high-end, medium end and low-end fuel vehicles, as well as auto moulds, auto parts, dual mode electric cars and pure electric cars among which traditional high quality fuel vehicles like F3, F3R, F6, F0, S8, G3, M6, L3, G3R, S6 and electric vehicles like F3DM, e6 and K9 are the representative models. BYD Auto becomes the most innovative independent national auto brand.

New Energy Business:

Solar Farm

Adopting innovative technologies and processes, BYD has drastically reduced the cost of applying solar energy, endowed solar electricity a cost equal to that of coal electricity, accelerated the process of applying solar energy, and posed great and profound significance to the healthy development of the New Energy Business Unit.

Battery Energy Storage Station

Based on its core technology Fe Battery technology, BYD has realized energy storage and formed technology support for intelligent network. Relying on the advanced Fe Battery technology, BYD's battery energy storage station can meet the demands of storing energy, cutting peaks as well as filling valleys, solve storage difficulties in the construction of intelligent network, and provide technical support to intelligent network and smooth power fluctuations of wind, solar and other new energy sources. Meanwhile, BYD's battery energy station has evident advantages in cost and operation life and broad application prospect comparing with pumped storage, compressed-air energy storage, flywheel energy storage and other existing energy storage technologies. Energy efficiency arrives as high as 90percent, far higher than that of pumped storage, which is 60 percent to 70 percent. BYD's battery energy station has prominent economic efficiency, large demands and broad application foreground. Global electricity demand grows year by year; load disparity of electricity peaks and valleys becomes larger and larger. As a new technology, battery energy storage station will bring revolutionary technical changes to grid energy storage field and bring huge social and economic effects.

Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle has broad developmental foreground in the fields of urban public traffic and individual traffic. On December 15, 2008, BYD F3DM, world's first dual mode electric car independent of specialized charging stations, hit the market in Shenzhen. January 2010, pure electric vehicle e6 got approval from the government for launch; May 2010, the world's first pure EV taxies, BYD e6 taxies run into commercial operation. January 2010, BYD's pure electric bus K9 was developed successfully. BYD has secured its leading role in the global new energy vehicle business. BYD is now cooperating with the most experienced traditional car manufacture Daimler AG.