BYD's safety airbags not safe

Updated: 2011-09-16 13:34

By Meng Fanbin (

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Safety airbags in BYD Auto Co LTD (BYD) F3 cars have failed to protect passengers at critical moments, reported CCTV on Sept 11.

In an investigative program on last Sunday, CCTV reported two car accidents in which airbags of several F3 compact cars failed to inflate in collisions, leading serious injuries. It reported that BYD refused to give any compensation to its customers and insisted that there are no flaws in its airbags.

According to Daily Economic News, there have been more than 20 complaints and claims of safety airbags that have not deployed during serious accidents.

Customers trying to compromise settlements with BYD and 4S shops have not received responses or have received denials of responsibility.

BYD said that there are no safety problems with F3 and the quality of the car model is acceptable. The company claimed that airbags have not deployed because of incorrect angels and less collision strength.