Securities governor calls for more quake relief efforts

2008-05-20 15:10:29

China's securities regulators have called upon the industry to do more to minimize the impact of last week's earthquake and to maintain normal market operations.

Block trade ordered for sale of big tranches

2008-04-21 06:23:47

The securities regulator Sunday ordered shareholders to sell stocks on the block trading system if they expect to sell a large amount of shares freed from the lock-in period.

China to relax rules on foreign investment in securities

2008-04-09 09:30:30

Chinese foreign exchange regulator is to loosen its control over the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor program.

Bank watchdog calls for risk assessment

2008-03-28 16:33:01

Banking supervisor reiterated that banks should fully evaluate investors' risk tolerance after difficult market conditions led to the liquidation of an investment fund product.

Chinese banks allowed to trade gold futures

2008-03-25 10:37:35

Chinese commercial banks will be allowed to trade gold futures in the domestic market, according to a notice released on the regulator's official website.

Regulator bans IPOs that fund land purchase

2008-03-21 16:15:07

The securities regulator would continue to support the expansion of qualified property firms via IPOs and mergers in the capital market, but wouldn't allow them to buy commercial land with the funds raised.

China raises deposit reserve requirement by 0.5%

2008-03-18 19:41:08

The central bank decided to raise the deposit reserve requirement ratio of commercial banks to a record high of 15.5%.

Nation to establish stock market for growth enterprises

2008-03-05 13:57:06

China will establish a stock market for growth enterprises this year, said Premier Wen Jiabao while delivering a government work report today.

Eligible smaller rural banks encouraged to go public

2008-03-05 16:18:21

China's smaller rural banking institutions are encouraged by the industry regulator to get listed on stock markets when conditions are ready.

New vice-chairman of securities regulator named

2008-02-28 10:40:18

The China Securities Regulatory Commission said it had appointed Yao Gang as a vice-chairman, amid a slew of high-level personnel changes.

Listed firms ordered to submit green data

2008-02-26 06:58:07

The government will enforce mandatory environmental disclosures for companies with high pollution emissions and energy consumption.

Stop large new issues, firms told

2008-02-26 06:52:38

Listed firms are warned to desist from excessively large issues of new shares that could undermine the nation's capital market.

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