Benchmark bounces back from biggest decline in six weeks

2010-08-12 10:20:56

China's stocks rose, with the benchmark index rebounding from the biggest decline in six weeks, as a slowdown in industrial output growth and new lending spurred speculation the government will ease monetary policy.

China's stocks open lower Thursday

2010-08-12 10:17:29

China's stocks opened lower Thursday with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index down 0.87 percent to open at 2,584.92.

China's yuan weakens against US dollar Thursday

2010-08-12 10:15:31

The value of China's currency Renminbi (RMB) continued to weaken against the US dollar Thursday as the central parity rate of the yuan was set at 6.8015 per US dollar, higher than the 6.7768 Wednesday, according to the data released by the China Foreign Exchange Trading System.

China to sell 28b yuan of 3-year book-entry T-bonds

2010-08-12 09:07:23

China's Ministry of Finance said Wednesday it will sell a batch of three-year book-entry treasury bonds worth 28 billion yuan ($4.13 billion) from Thursday.

Hong Kong stocks close 0.83% lower - Aug 11

2010-08-11 16:36:32

Hong Kong stocks closed down 179. 06 points, or 0.83 percent, at 21,294.54 on Wednesday.

ChiNext Index up - August 11

2010-08-11 16:29:16

The ChiNext Index, launched by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) on June 1, rose 1.07 percent, or 10.64 points, to close at 1,004.64 points in Wednesday's trading.

China stock index futures down - Aug 11

2010-08-11 16:29:08

China's stock index futures closed lower Wednesday with the contract for August, the most actively traded, down 0.12 percent from the previous trading day to end at 2,839.4 points.

Chinese shares rise on economic data release - Aug 11

2010-08-11 16:27:03

Chinese shares rebounded Wednesday after a significant decline on the previous trading day, as the newly released July economic data fell within market expectation.

Hong Kong stocks open higher - Aug 11

2010-08-11 10:34:44

Hong Kong stocks moved up 68.67 points, or 0.32 percent to open at 21,542.27 on Wednesday.

Gold price opens higher in Hong Kong - Aug 11

2010-08-11 10:23:28

The gold price in Hong Kong went up HK$36 to open at HK$11,125 per tael on Wednesday, according to the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society.

China stock index futures open lower - Aug 11

2010-08-11 10:06:32

China's stock index futures were lower at their openings Wednesday with the contract for settlement in August, the most actively traded, down 3.8 points, to open at 2,839.0 from the previous trading.

ChiNext Index opens lower - Aug 11

2010-08-11 10:06:16

ChiNext stocks dropped 2.71 points to open at 991.28 on Wednesday.