Netizens down on KFC's denial of 'handsome deliveryman' service

Updated: 2012-02-07 10:49


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Netizens down on KFC's denial of 'handsome deliveryman' service

A paper cup in a KFC restaurant in Shanghai, Aug 25, 2011. [Photo / Asianewsphoto]

BEIJING - Branches of KFC in China denied the so-called "handsome delivery boy service" widely discussed on the Internet, disappointing web surfers speculating that the fast food chain could despatch good-looking men to deliver food upon request.

Netizens down on KFC's denial of 'handsome deliveryman' service

A Weibo user posts her photo with a KFC delivery boy, and her requirments for the delivery service as shown on the receipts. [Source: Internet]

On Friday, KFC used Sina Weibo, a popular Twitter-like microblog site, to deny that customers can designate handsome boys to deliver food for them, stating that KFC only runs a "normal delivery service," and calling on customers to be kind to the hard-working delivery staff.

The KFC always serves its customers in strict accordance with consistent service process and standard in food delivery, says an email from the publicity department of the Shanghai-based headquarter of KFC China, while expressing thanks to customers for their support and concern for KFC's delivery business.

The announcement disappointed many bloggers. "Lemonuo," for example, wrote, "The limited supply of this service has finished? But I haven't had chance to try it yet!"

"I am a little sad. I had planned to ask a smart guy with glasses to deliver food," the blogger Ariel wrote in the comments column of this statement.

The buzz about the so-called "handsome delivery boy service" first stemmed from a blog posted by "bosnia_woshikaogong" on Sina Weibo on February 1, in which she recounted her recent experience with a good-looking KFC deliveryman.

She ordered food on KFC official site and wrote down that she wanted a handsome man to deliver food to her, she wrote in the post.

She posted that, later, a "rangy handsome delivery boy with big eyes and white skin" had delivered her order. Furthermore, the blogger, who included a picture of her receipt on which her requirement of a handsome delivery boy printed, claimed that the branch called her 10 minutes after his arrival, "confirming 'is the delivery boy pretty, heh?'"

"The boy covered his face with his hands because of shyness and then stammered, 'Am... I... satisfying?'," the blogger, who wished not to reveal her real name, said "I laughed so much I nearly died. I was only making a joke with KFC."

The microblog entry has been forwarded more than 41,000 times since it was posted on February 1, and it has picked up nearly 5,000 comments, most of which described KFC's act as "interesting" and "lovable."

People followed "bosnia_woshikaogong" to raise various requirements concerning delivery boys' appearance: "handsome and plain-looking," "smart with a height above 180cm," "a pretty boy with slender eyelashes"... .

Many have taken photos with their delivery boys and posted them online, accompanied by snaps of their receipts, to prove their demands were met.

Some have speculated that the act is actually a disguised marketing campaign by KFC.

Luo Min, who works in an Internet company, said she doesn't really like fast food, but is amused by the "cute service" and would choose KFC when ordering food for delivery, irrespective of the deliveryman's appearance.

"Chinese need a company with human interest. It's good for the customers and for the KFC to increase the turnover, which will also increase the deliverymens' salary, why not add this service? " blogger Yanie wrote on Sina Weibo.