China outlines national IPR improvement strategy
Updated: 2008-06-11 07:44

China plans to dramatically increase its self-directed intellectual property rights (IPR) level and markedly improve the IPR protection situation within five years.

The State Council on Tuesday promulgated an outline of the IPR strategy, under which it also plans to raise society's IPR protection awareness over five years. By 2020, it says, China would become a country with a fairly high level of IPR creation, use, protection and management.

The implementation of a national IPR strategy would enhance China's innovation ability and improve the socialist market economy system, beef up business and national competitiveness, and achieve a win-win result with the outside world, the outline said.

The key points of the strategy include the perfection of the IPR system, promotion of IPR creation and use, strengthening of IPR protection, avoidance of IPR abuse and nurturing respect for IPR, it said.


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