China-Japan economic, trade ties have great potential to tap
Updated: 2008-05-05 11:40

During this period, many Japanese electrical and mechanical manufacturers moved their production bases to China one after another. Recent years have witnessed rapid growth of investment in R&D, financial service, logistics and marketing, becoming a new source for economic growth.

A large number of Japanese enterprises are doing brisk business in various industries and different regions in China, reaping sizable investment returns. While spurring Japan's economic recovery and growth, they help boost China's technical progress, and improve the management and logistic and marketing services of China's enterprises.

In addition, the Japanese government has contributed to the development of China's infrastructure and environmental protection and its education and poverty reduction through Japanese yen loans and free aid.

As the second largest economy in the world, Japan has sophisticated technology in energy-saving and environmental protection and rich experience in implementing technology-oriented nation building strategy. As the biggest developing country, China has a market with enormous demand. Therefore, the two countries are highly complementary to each other in their economic growth and their economic, technical and trade cooperation have tremendous potential and will further develop in a deep-going manner.

The exchanges of high-level visits, including the three visits -- dubbed "ice-breaking," "ice-thawing," and "spring-heralding" tours -- by leaders of both countries, have warmed up the China-Japan relations.

The establishment of China-Japan high-level economic dialogue mechanism has offered better environment for the further growth of bilateral economic and trade relations.

The Chinese government's commitment to sustained development, characterized by harmonious relations between man and nature, and greater emphasis on environmental protection, energy-saving and the better quality of economic growth, will provide broad vistas for the economic cooperation between the two countries.

A retrospection of the China-Japan economic development in the past decades shows that the two nations will be able to patch up rifts and come to a win-win solution as long as they adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, friendly cooperation, as well as dialogue and consultation.

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