PetroChina releases CSR report
By Wang Yu (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-04-12 09:09

PetroChina, China's top oil company, unveiled its first corporate social responsibility (CSR) report yesterday, highlighting energy supply, public welfare, and health, safety and environment (HSE) obligation to employees.

PetroChina releases CSR reportThe Hong Kong- and New York-listed company gave top priority to fulfilling its social responsibilities in facilitating economic and social development while ensuring a stable energy supply.

"We focus on developing our core business of oil and gas and strive to ensure stable energy supply In addition, we always pay close attention to the interests of stakeholders and actively participate in public welfare activities with an aim of harmonious development between our enterprise and society," said Jiang Jiemin, president of PetroChina.

PetroChina took various measures to improve its HSE management last year, investing 13.2 billion yuan in eliminating potential safety and environmental hazards, according to its CSR report.

Last year, the firm's integrated energy consumption in oil and gas production, and refining and producing ethylene products was reduced by 18 percent, 14 percent, and 13 percent respectively. It saved more than 1.3 million tons of coal equivalent and around 60 million cubic meters of water in the process.

"PetroChina is both a large producer of energy and a large consumer of resources We focus on energy and water conservation as well as efficient and consolidated land use," Jiang said.

With the increasing supply of gas from PetroChina, the natural gas consumption in Beijing rose to 3.8 billion cubic meters in 2006 and the number of gas-consuming households reached 3.21 million.

The company also made substantial efforts in developing bio-fuel. It has started the construction of the first phase of the non-grain bio-fuel operation center in Yunnan and Sichuan, marking significant progress in bio-fuel development.

PetroChina last year donated 80 million yuan for natural disaster relief and 16 million yuan for education. It also participated in various community activities not only at home, but also abroad.

The company donated 12 ambulances to various communities and 100 computers to schools in Kazakhstan, and took up the responsibility of maintaining community roads in the country.

To support Indonesia's infrastructure development, PetroChina contributed 6.4 million yuan to repaire roads and municipal buildings there.

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