Housing in China



Home rates going through the roof, say city dwellers

The skyrocketing prices of homes have turned nearly two-thirds of urban dwellers away from the housing market, even as residents' eagerness to buy homes was still on the rise.

A property market asset bubble 'may be inevitable'

When 27-year-old Li Lin invited his parents to Beijing to visit the model apartment he had just bought, the family was surprised and very happy at how wildly its value had changed in a short time.


Beijing residents protest compensation ultimatum from CCTV

Some 30 residents took to the streets in Beijing Tuesday to demand higher compensation for the compulsory purchase of their homes by CCTV.


Realty firms ready to board IPO train

After China's largest housing contractor CSCEC raised 50.16 billion yuan in the world's biggest IPO in 16 months, many Chinese real estate companies are trying to stick their hands in stock investors' pockets for money to buy more land.

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