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  Band 20088 makes debut at Olympic cultural festival
Members of rock band 20088 Zhang Yi Han (guitar), Jing Sheng Hao (guitar), Libo Chen (bass) and Guo Xin Yue (drums) (L-R) pose for photographers backstage after they performed during the closing ceremony for the Olympic culture festival in Beijing July 15, 2007. The band's manager claims 20088, whose members are seven-years-old, to be the youngest professional rock band in China. The band has performed in some Olympic related events as all of the members will reach the lucky age of eight in 2008, the year of the Beijing Olympics. [Reuters]
  Marching bands perform Olympic Cultural Festival
  Foreigners practice Tai Chi in Beijing
On the morning of June 10, Over 30 foreign tourists from a European tour group could be seen practicing Tai Chi with local people in Beijing's Temple of Heaven.To promote traditional Chinese culture in preparation for the upcoming 2008 games, a local tourism agency in Beijing has planed a series of tourism activities with an intense Chinese flavor. Bicycle tours of Beijing's Hutongs (traditional alleys) and learning Chinese Tai Chi are among them[CFP]
  Olympic education model school hails Olympic spirit
Students play near one of the mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games at an Olympic education model school in Miyun County of Beijing June 8, 2007. [Reuters]
  Harmonious China, Welcome Olympics
Girls play drums during a performance at Tiananmen Square in Beijing May 31,2007. Thousands of participants took part in the "Harmonious China, Welcome Olympics" event aimed at promoting the Beijing 2008 Olympics. [Reuters]
  'Lucky Cloud' turns to stylish laptop
A salesgirl stands alongside the latest style laptop with Beijing 2008 Olympics torch design,'Lucky Cloud' promoted by Lenovo, which is China and global leader in the PC market and Beijing Olympics' partnership, at the 10th Beijing High-TechBeijing International High-Tech Expo in Beijing May 27, 2007.[newsphoto]
  High-Tech Expo highlights Beijing
Robots perform carrying a sedan chair at the Beijing International High-Tech Expo in Beijing May 25, 2007.[Reuters]
  Volunteers devote to hotel staff training course
  Olympic extension under construction
Labourers work at the construction site for the Olympic extension of the Beijing underground system May 13, 2007. More than 10,000 labourers are working to finish 52 new stations and 87 km (54 miles) of tracks that will bring the total length of the subway in Beijing to 300 km (186 miles) and is expected to be finished several months before the start of the 2008 Olympic Games.[Reuters]
  Morning exercise in Beijing
A couple dances in the park surrounding the Temple of Heaven in Beijing May 11, 2007. Local residents flock to the park in the early morning hours for all kinds of sports and social activities. [Reuters]
  Olympic Park under construction
Workers plant trees near a river inside the Olympic Park, which is under construction, in Beijing May 9, 2007. [Reuters]
  Beijing 2008 Olympic Games torch on exhibition
Two visitors watch a sample of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games torch exhibited in the world art museum at the China Millennium Altar in Beijing, capital of China, May 1, 2007.[Xinhua]
  Olympic torch relay badge hits market
Beijing Olympic torch relay badge is unveiled April 27,2007 after the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) annouced its torch relay route and the torch - a red and silver cloud-design tube shaped like a Chinese scroll. []
  The Logo of the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay
  2008 Beijing Olympic Games Torch unveiled
The Torch for Beijing Olympics Games is unveiled on April 26, 2007.
  Wedding at Catholic Patriotic church
A priest weds Song Xue (centre L) and Liu Xiao at the state-controlled Chinese Catholic Patriotic church in Beijing April 22, 2007. [Reuters]
  Beijing to expand public transportation for Games
Passengers board a bus during rush hour at a bus stop in Beijing April 18, 2007. Beijing is hoping a 100 billion yuan (US$13 billion) investment in public transport will be enough to keep the traffic flowing at next year's Olympic Games, an official said on Wednesday.[Reuters]
  First high-speed train hits railways
A staff member stands at attention as a high-speed train leaves Beijing railway station April 18, 2007. High-speed trains with a speed of 200km (124 miles) per hour or more will hit Chinese railways on Wednesday, marking the start of the system's sixth "speed boost", which has been hard pressed to cope with an increased demand for a bigger transport capacity, Xinhua News Agency reported. [Reuters]
  Green Dreams,Colorful Olympics
A woman gestures in front of 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots during the launching ceremony of "Green Dreams, Colorful Olympics" 2007 International Painting Contest for primary and middle school students at a park in Beijing April 13, 2007. [Reuters]
  Cherry in full blossom embodies friendliness
Chinese women wearing rented kimonos wait for a photo session under blooming cherry blossoms in Beijing's Yuyuantan Park April 11, 2007. Hundreds of day trippers seek photogenic angles under cherry blossoms in full bloom at Yuyuantan Park in Beijing's inner west, as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao headed east to Japan, the first visit by a Premier in seven year.[Reuters]
  Beijing traffic police gear up for Olympics
  Table tennis games grow up in community
Pingpong fans compete against each other at the Table Tennis Community Arena Competition held in Zhonggulou Square of central Beijing Andingmen community April 2,2007.Hundreds of table tennis lovers take part in the competitions with honor of Beijing Olympic Games.[Xinhua]
  Migrant workers for Shunyi Olympic venues
  500 days countdown to Beijing Olympics
Chinese students jumps for a photo in front of the Olympic countdown clock displaying 500 days to the Olympic Games in Tiananmen Square,Beijing March 26, 2007. A series of events are organized in China's major cities to mark the 500-day countdown to the Beijing Olympics.[Xinhua]
  Low-cost countdown products in the lead
"To make more customers get access to Olympics, we will attach attention to from now on medium- and low-cost Olympic products in the market, "an officer said a few days ahead of 500 days to Beijing Games.
  "Queuing Days" required across China
Volunteers in cartoon figures'customs send around the flysheet to passengers at Beijing Wangfujing metro station to promote the second official "Queue Day" in Beijing March,11,2007.The "Queue Day" to remind residents of the benefits of lining up for things. Experts say the days should be introduced in other cities to provide people with a better understanding of social etiquette. [Xinhua]
  Another style of terracotta warriors
A visitor points at a terracotta warrior sculpture by Norwegian artist Marian Heyerdahl at a gallery in Beijing in this March 2, 2007 file photo. From the back, this army of contemporary terracotta warriors looks as forbidding as the ancient battalion that was buried with a warring Chinese emperor to lead in the afterlife. But these all-female soldiers, created by Norwegian artist Marian Heyerdahl and on display in Beijing, carry a completely different message than the famed, original Qin dynasty statues with their pained faces, pregnant bellies and mutilated bodies. [Reuters]
  NPC opens annual session in Beijing
Ethnic minority delegates wave in front of the Great Hall of the People, the venue for the National People's Congress (NPC), before the opening ceremony of NPC in Beijing March 5, 2007. [Reuters]
  First Spring rain befalls on Beijing
Visitors tours around the Temple of Heaven,or Tiantan Park in drizzle in Beijing,Mar 1st,2007.The first light rain befallen on Beijing since Spring begins on Feb 4 according to Chinese lunar calendar.[newsphoto]
  Olympic postcards ready for 500-day countdown
  Gesture language delivers smiling
  Coal gas plant halts production for air quality
A journalist with Reuters,central, writes the notes while interviewing a retired worker Zhao Guishui,left, of the recently closed down Beijing Coking and Chemical Works. The Media was organized to have a tour in the works in Beijing's southeast suburb,February 27, 2007. The plant has halted its production for the sake of Beijing's air quality,according to an official statement.[]
  Fog hangs over the captial
  Temple Fair still hot in Beijing
A foreign performer plays with a Chinese visitor at the Beijing Chaoyang Park Temple Fair Feb.24,2007,the last day of Spring Festival holiday in Beijing.[newsphoto]
  Acrobatics show in Beijing
Artistes perform a balancing act on a bicycle during an acrobatics show in Beijing February 21, 2007. Acrobatics, dating back to more than 2,000 years, is one of China's oldest art forms. Picture taken February 21, 2007. [Reuters]
  Pray the good forture in New Year
  Departure, not just for the sake of reunion
  Good fortune, good will for new year
A staff member uses lotus-shaped candles to form the Chinese character for "Good Fortune" at a temple on the outskirts of Beijing February 16, 2007. Chinese around the world are preparing to welcome the Lunar New Year on February 18. [Reuters]
  Smile, best name card for Beijing
A visitor looks at the "Smile Wall" decorated with smiling head portraits of common people. In total of 2008 photos of smiling faces,screened out of over 4000 pieces of works,has been put up onto a six metres in height, 30 metres in lengh 'Smile Wall'that stands on the lawn at Beijing Chaoyang Park in honor of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing Feb 15, 2007.[newsphoto]
  Spring Festival decorated for 'Year of the Pig'
Two Chinese paramilitary soldiers buy Chinese Lunar New Year decorations at a market in Beijing February 14, 2007. China will usher in Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as "Year of the Pig ", on February 18 according to the lunar calendar. [Reuters]
  Beijing Olympic Tower
Olympic Tower-The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) location.[]
  The Year of Pig appoaching
  Song and Smile, Beijing Olympics
"Song and Smile"-themed chorus festival rises its curtains on Feb.10th, 2007 at the central Beijijing's Jjingshan Park.Beijingers fond of singing are in race to sing the songs for upcoming Beijing Olympics in the ten parks of Beijing.[newsphoto]
  Beijing promotes the first "Queuning Day"
  Shougang Iron and Steel in spotlights
A worker walks past a hot furnace at Shougang Iron and Steel Group plant in Beijing February 9, 2007. Shougang Iron and Steel Group, as Beijing's greatest industrial icon, is packing up and leaving town, to help clear the air for Beijing's Olympic Games in 2008. Beijing has pledged to clean up its polluted air and restore its once-legendary blue skies for the Olympics, which are China's coming-out party to the world.[Reuters]
  People on the way home
  New Olympic licensed products for Spring Festival
The fashionable Olympic-licensed bags.[BOCOG]
  Mercury soars in balmy Beijing
  First train sends migrant workers home for Lunar New Year

Several mothers workers with their babies pose for a photo after boarding the special train for migrant workers Feb.5,2007 from Beijing West Railway Station to Shiyan, Central China's Hubei Province for the traditional Spring Festival falling on Feb.18,2007.[Xinhua]
  People flood home for Spring Festival
  Flying Fuwa in Olympic venues
A man flies a kite of Nini, one of the five official mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, near the construction site for the National Olympic Stadium during a photo opportunity in Beijing February 1, 2007. Beijing has warned government and Olympic officials not to shame the country during the 2008 Games through corruption or immoral behaviour, state media reported.[Reuters]
  Make a wish for Year of Pig
  Job seekers check for vacancies at job fair
  Tesco opens 1st outlet in Beijing
Customers pay at cashiers at a newly opened Tesco supermarket in Beijing January 26, 2007. Despite several high profile emerging-market exits by Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Ahold NV, and Carrefour, retailers will continue moving into developing nations such as India and China, a market research firm predicted, China Daily reported. [Reuters]
  City mayor delivers annual work report
Beijing's Mayor Wang Qishan delivers his work report during the Beijing Municipal People's Congress in Beijing January 26, 2007. Wang gave the city high marks with less than two years to go before the Olympics, but said he remained worried about traffic, pollution, corruption -- and how to make his citizens more "civilized". [Reuters]
  Olympic atmosphere haunting Beijing
  Heavy traffic stuns Beijing rush hour
A general view of heavy traffic on the 3rd ring road during rush hour in Beijing January 22, 2007. The number of new vehicles registered in Beijing hit a new record in the first 18 days of 2007, Xinhua news agency said on Monday, as the city struggles to cope with worsening traffic jams ahead of the 2008 Olympics. More than 22,000 vehicles -- which under China's statistics system includes everything from private cars to trucks -- were registered and an estimated three million will be on the roads by May, the official news agency said. [Reuters]
  Military training in Winter
Paramilitary recruits play with their supervisor at the break of a training at a military base in Beijing January 19, 2007. The development of armaments with an offensive capability, like its new-generation fighter aircraft Jian-10, does not mean China has changed its national defense policy which is defensive in nature, a top military expert has said and reported by Xinhua News Agency. [Reuters]
  Beijing 2008 Olympic volunteers
A volunteer poses for a photo next to a volunteer's logo after a ceremony to recruit volunteers for the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games, for provinces and cities around China, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing January 19, 2007. [Reuters]
  New terminal of Beijing Int'l Airport takes shape
  Anti-doping exhibition opens in Beijing
A visitor looks at a doping awareness poster during an anti-doping exhibition in Beijing January 17, 2007. China now has a lower number of doping cases than the international average, but the use of banned substances is spreading from elite athletes to the general population, a Beijing Olympics official said on Wednesday. The Chinese characters read "The harm of doping."[Reuters]
  Beijing seeks int'l cooperation on security
  Child modelling competition
  Olympic licensed products attract attention
A visitor looks carefully at a Beijing 2008 official licensed ball decorated with Beijing Olympic Games mascot Fuwa 'Huanhuan' Jan,7,2007.Kinds of official licensed products have been on show at the Beijing 2008 official licensed products winter promotion exhibition.[Xinhua]
  Water Cube style winter down wear
A man,front,has on an eider down overcoat in the style of National Aquatic Center, dubbed with 'Water Cube' attracting much attention. [cnsphoto]
  Heavy snowfall hit Bejing
  Beijing welcomes the long-waited snow
Visitors from the South China play in the snow at Tiananmen Square in the morning of December 30,2006.Beijing is experiencing the first snow of this winter, which slipped into the dry and grey city in the early hours of Saturday morning[Xinhua]
  Global warming threaten China
  Beijing retail investors stuck into awkward situation
  Illegal fireworks destroyed in Beijing
  Chinese participate Christmas ceremony
Chinese Christians participate in a Christmas ceremony in a church in Beijing December 24, 2006. [Reuters]
  Model training course for children
Children watch a fashion show video during a lesson at a model training course for children in Beijing December 24, 2006. About 200 children aged 4 to 16 are taking part in this training course since it was founded in April. The children undergo physical training, stagecraft and various kinds of dances such as step dance and ballet during the courses, local media reported. [Reuters]
  2008 Chinese Delegation Uniform Designs Competition start
Wang Yun(right,2nd) vice president of Chinese Olympic Committee, Ma Jilong(left,2nd) officer of General Administration of Sports of China, Chen Zhongwei(left,1st) vice president of Hengyuanxiang,the offical sponsor Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Gu Yaoming (right,1st),secretary-general of General Administration of Sports of China start up the competition.Beijing 2008 Chinese Delegation Uniform Design Competition rises its curtains at Beijing Olympic News Centre December 22,2006, recruiting scheme for the delegation's accouterment in public. [newsphoto]
  Happy Vally Christmas Gala
  Heart-to-Heart Olympic program launched
  Olympic Stadium under construction
A labourer works on the construction site of the Olympic Stadium, where wrestling matches will be held during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, in Beijing December 17, 2006. Picture taken December 17, 2006. [Reuters]
  Dragon gold bar to be on sale
A salesperson looks into with magnifier a gold bar embossed with the Beijing Olympic symbol and dragon in Beijing, December 17,2006.The Olympic gold bar with dragon sculpt unveiled last Sunday, licensed by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG),will be on sale since December 20,2006[Xinhua]

  Golden plate and brick come into the market turns into
The official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games changed from to on December 12,2006, reported today. It is the first time in history that the host country's domain name has been used on an official Olympic site.[newsphoto]
  Beijing Int'l Cultural and Creative Industry Expo opens
  Tourists visit Temple of Heaven
  Beijing 2008 volunteers serve in Doha
  Beijing Olympic golden symbol on sale
  HIV/AIDS Awareness Program launched in Beijing
  Beijing, Olympic city in your eyes
American prizewinner Peter Danford poses for a photo with his winning photograph 'Water Cube'. The 'Beijing-Olympic City in the Lens’photography contest awards were held in the Beijing Oriental Plaza on November 28,2006.The contest, held by the Beijing Tourism Administration, started on May 10th this year in order to celebrate the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. ‘Water Cube’beat out 13,000 other entries to claim the top prize.[newsphoto]
  Int'l security cooperation seminar ends in Beijing
Beijing policemen participate in an anti-terror drill organized by Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in Beijing November 22,2006.[Xinhua]
  Airbus 380 arrives in Beijing
New Airbus A380 arrives at the Beijing International Airport in Beijing November 23, 2006. The airbus A380 started a trial flight on November 13 to test its function and reliability in the world's major airports. [Xinhua]
  China Fashion Week
A model presents a creation by Chinese designer Mark Cheung with the theme "Tibet" at China Fashion Week in Beijing November 21, 2006.[Reuters]
  Beijing Int'l Automotive Exhibition
Visitors view a Chinese-made Dongfeng sports saloon displayed at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition November 19, 2006. China may still be the promised land for global auto makers but competition is set to reach new heights in coming years as consumers start buying cars for a second or third time and are more swayed by brand loyalty. [Reuters]
  Imported grass grows at Tiananmen Square
Workers plant imported grass at Tiananmen Square in Beijing November 16, 2006. For this project, China imported grass from the United States and Canada which can survive in cold weather, local media reported. [Reuters]
  Schoolchildren release balloons to hail 2008 Olympic Games
Schoolchildren ride bicycles adorned with balloons while filming a promotional video for the 2008 Olympic Games at Tiananmen Square in Beijing November 16, 2006. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will open in China's capital on August 8, 2008.[Reuters]
  China Fashion Week spotlights
A model presents a creation for a wedding dress design contest 2006 at China Fashion Week in Beijing November 15, 2006. [Reuters]
  Winter Book Fair hot in Beijing
People read in a booth at the Winter Book Fair held from November 10 to 20 in Beijing's Ditan Park on November 15,2006.More than 150 publishing houses are in the fair with over 200,000 kinds of books, audio and video goods and software on display.[newsphoto]
  Beijingers' nightlife
A salesgirl measures customer in a silk store in Sanlitun,Beijing,November 12, 2006. Beijing has a colorful nightlife for those looking for something to do after a long day at work. [newsphoto]
  Ginkgo leaves on early winter day
A senior citizen takes a photo of his wife and grandchild among ginkgo leaves outside the Diaoyutai Guest House on an early winter day in Beijing, November 11,2006.[newsphoto]
  New Olympic products hit stores
Olympic mascot pins and non-precious metal products.The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) has unveiled many kinds of new and creative Olympic licensed products on the occasion of Fuwa's birthday on November 11, 2005.[BOCOG]
  Year of Russia in China
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov (L) delivers a speech as Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao listens during the closing ceremony of the "Year of Russia in China" at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing November 9, 2006. China and Russia signed a series of trade and investment deals on Thursday in sectors including mining, energy, car production and infrastructure, Xinhua news agency reported.[Reuters]
  "Bucket of gold" on display
This 'bucket of gold', made entirely of gold, was on display at the China International Jewelry Exhibition on November 8, 2006. The exhibition was the first to be held at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing. [newsphoto]
  'Olympic Silver'bullions hot on market
A young woman shows a set of Beijing Olympic silver bullions, now a hot item on the Beijing market, at the China International Jewelry Exhibition on November 8, 2006. The exhibition is the first to be held at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing.[newsphoto]
  Dancing for China-Africa Summit
Chinese dancers perform during a gala evening hosted by China's President Hu Jintao for African leaders and delegates as part of China-Africa Summit at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing November 4, 2006.[Reuters]
  Soldier in silhouette
A soldier stands guard in front of the Monument to People's Heroes, outside the Great Hall of the People where the China-Africa Summit in taking place in Beijing, November 5, 2006
  African reporters visit the National Stadium
African reporters visit the National Stadium, known as the "Bird's Nest" for its giant latticework structure of metal girders, on Friday. Currently under construction, the stadium is a showpiece venue for the 2008 Olympic Games. The reporters are in Beijing to cover the weekend's Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation. [Newsphoto]
  Yizu ethnic minority women in Tiananmen Square
Yizu ethnic minority women from Yunnan in traditional attire visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing November 2, 2006. Yunnan province is home to 25 of the China's 56 ethnic minorities. [Reuters]
  China-Africa Summit in Beijing
A man walks past a poster promoting the upcoming China-Africa Summit in Beijing, November 2, 2006. The two-day summit, with the theme of friendship, peace, cooperation and development will open on November 4. The leaders of 48 African countries will attend, Xinhua News Agency reported. [Reuters]
  China-Africa Summit,warm-up to Beijing Olympics
A waitress walks past flags of African nations and China for the upcoming China-Africa Summit at a restaurant of a hotel where delegates will stay in Beijing October 31, 2006. China has not only rolled out the red carpet, it has redecorated its capital in red as it prepares to host more than 40 African heads of state for a summit billed as a warm-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. [Reuters]
  Posters to promote volunteers recruitment
The BOCOG departments in charge of the volunteers and cultural activities has made collaborative efforts to launch two posters in line with the volunteers' recruitment for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. A total of 100,000 posters will be issued and distributed to the public.[BOCOG]
  Promoting China-African Summit
Construction workers walk past a poster promoting the upcoming China-Africa Summit in Beijing October 29, 2006. China's trade with Africa is set to top $50 billion this year, officials said, as Beijing gears up to host a China-Africa forum that will deepen much-scrutinised investment ties. [Reuters]
  Volunteers gear up for 2008 Games
Chinese volunteers 2008 Beijing Olympic Games gestures during an event to promote the games at the Juyongguan Pass of the Great Wall in Beijing, China on Sunday, October 29 2006. 5,300 volunteers took part in the event, part of a series to gear up the Chinese capital for China's first ever summer Olympic games.
  Beijing Summit of Forum on Sino-Africa Cooperation in Nov.
The Beijing Summit of the Forum on Sino-Africa Cooperation will be held in Beijing on November 3-5, 2006, and Beijing Municipal Government is currently preparing the related arrangements. Picture taken on Oct. 25, 2006. [cnsphoto]
  Int'l statue touring exhibition featuring Olympics
Statue "Come Together" by Malaysian designer Ramlan Abdullah is seen prior to an international statue touring exhibition featuring the Olympics in Nanning, capital of southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Oct. 24, 2006.[Xinhua]
  French President Chirac starts visit to Beijing
Visitors walk past French national flags displayed near Tiananmen Square in Beijing October 25, 2006. French President Jacques Chirac is seeking to build on a decade of warming diplomacy between Beijing and Paris as he starts what may be his last state visit to China on Wednesday.[Reuters]
  Yumingyuan to be rebuild
A visitor stands amidst the ruins of the Grand Waterworks of European Palaces at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing October 23, 2006. One hundred and forty-six years after Anglo-French Forces stormed into Beijing's Old Summer Palace and burnt it to the ground, a Chinese private foundation announced October 19 that it would build a replica of the famous royal gardens, Xinhua News Agency reported.[Reuters]

  'Sport and a World of Harmony' forum opens
A girl performs during the opening ceremony of the World Forum organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) at the event "Sport and a World of Harmony" in Beijing October 22, 2006.[Reuters]
  Thousands practise Tai Chi at Beijing park
Local residents practice Tai Chi, a form of Chinese martial arts, at a park in Beijing October 22, 2006. Several thousand people took part in the event organized by the Beijing Sports Bureau to promote public health. [Reuters]
  Security guard and Yao
A security guard holding a Tanghulu (a Chinese traditional snack) walks past a billboard advertisement in Beijing featuring China's NBA star Yao Ming October 19, 2006.
  Beijing evening traffic
Vehicles are seen during evening traffic along a major thoroughfare in Beijing October 18, 2006. [Reuters]
  Statues of Chairman Mao attract foreigners
Statues of Chairman Mao made by artists from Beijing Jiuxian Bridge "789 Workshop" attract foreigners in Beijing, Monday, Oct. 16, 2006. Modern art masterpieces has become very popular in China in recent years. [cnsphoto]
  Mass wedding celebrating Beijing Olympics
56 newlywed couples from 31 minorities of China hold their mass wedding in front of a huge Beijing 2008 Olympic Games countdown clock in Tiananmen Square,Beijing, October,16,2006. It is the first time nationwide holding the mass wedding in front of the 2008 Olympic Games countdown clock in Tiananmen Square.[newsphoto]
  Beijing International Marathon
Competitors run in front of a portrait of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong at the Tiananmen Gate during the 2006 Beijing International Marathon in Beijing October 15, 2006. The annual Beijing International Marathon is organized by the Chinese Athletics Association and was first held in 1981.
  National flags wave ahead of National Day
A woman plays with her children among national flags at a park, ahead of the upcoming National Day in Beijing September 30, 2006. China's National Day is celebrated on October 1. [Reuters]
  Tian'anmen Square decorated for National Holidays
  Sixth Beijing Int'l Tourism Culture Festival kicks off
  Olympic mascots decorate Tiananmen Square
  Olympic commemorative coins to be issued
  Tian'anmen Square embellished with fountains
  Tiananmen decorated for National Day
  Military training session in Beijing
  Olympic flowers on show in Beijing
  Supervision of Olympic venues emphasized
  Britain's Olympics Minister visits Beijing
  'Italian Art-Italian Life' exhibited in Beijing
  Anti-riot drill in Beijing
  Olympic training textbooks published
  Fairy tale drama 'Five Friendlies' staged
  Olympic Dragon Bikes started journey around China
Five Olympic Dragon Bikes stared their journey around China on August 8 from Zhoukoudian in Beijing, a famous site of proanthropus.
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