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Xi makes six propositions to strengthen China-US relations

By HU YONGQI in Washington (China Daily USA)

Updated: 2015-09-26 02:44:10


Chinese President Xi Jinping raised six propositions to further China-US relations on Friday in Washington, the second stop of his state visit to the United States.

He said both countries should make full use of dialogue mechanisms such as the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the China-US High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange, and the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, to continuously play an essential role in promoting high-level strategic communication and China-US relations.

In addition, Xi suggested that China and the US expand and deepen cooperation in economic and trade, military interaction, anti-terrorism, energy, environmental protection and infrastructure.

He said both sides should establish closer ties through cultural exchanges to uphold the foundation for bilateral relations.

Xi said both sides should pay mutual respect to differences in each country's history, cultural traditions, social system and development path. In this way, the two countries can learn from each other and pursue common progress, he added.

Xi said the two countries should deepen their dialogue and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

He said China and the US should work together to handle regional and global challenges to enrich the strategic connotations of China-US relations and provide the international community with more public service.