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Charting the path of Xi's 'dream'

By Hezi Jiang in New York (China Daily USA)

Updated: 2015-09-22 12:57:51


Charting the path of Xi's 'dream'

Huang Yongjun, founder and CEO of the New Classic Press, spoke at the launch event on Monday of the English edition of the book Analysis and Interpretation of the Major Speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping by He Yiting headquartered in New York. The book analyzes Xi's speeches on the Chinese Dream, reform and opening-up, the rule of law andother issues. Hezi JIang / For CHina Daily

Book of speeches in English launched in NY

Dreams mirror hopes. A life without dreams would be dim; a nation without dreams would be miserable; a society without dreams, dull; and an era without dreams, stagnant...

Those lines open the first chapter of the book Analysis and Interpretation of the Major Speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping by He Yiting, the executive vice-president of the Party School of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

The first chapter is about the origin, implications and path of the Chinese Dream proposed by Xi, followed by the author's analysis on Xi's policies on reform and opening-up, the rule of law, diplomatic policies, national defense, and the construction of the Party, the country and the army, respectively.

On Monday, a day before Xi's state visit that starts Tuesday in Washington state, the English version of the book was launched at United Nations headquarters in New York, where Xi will give a speech on Sept 28.

Charting the path of Xi's 'dream'

"He (Xi) will be here at the UN, and in Washington, to discuss the issues that will determine the way most of us live the rest of our lives," said Maxine Dovere, a journalist and one of the interpreters for the book, during the opening remarks. "The president of China and the president of the United States make a difference. They make a difference for the future of the world."

New Classic Press, the publisher of the book and the host of the book launch, is a privately owned Chinese publishing house based in the UK, with the mission to promote cultural exchanges between China and the world. Last year, it published an album in memory of Xi Zhongxun, a Chinese political leader and the father of the president.

The album, which sells for more than $600 in Europe, has gotten a good response. British Eco Power, an investment, construction and engineering company focused on renewable energy, based in Tbilisi, Georgia, recently bought 10,000 albums, said Huang Yongjun, founder and CEO of New Classic Press.

"They have cooperation with China, and the One Belt, One Road initiative will involve the country Georgia," said Huang. "They bought the books as gifts to their employees and partners."

Huang believes the new book will be a good addition to the wide collection of books on Xi and his policies, including Xi's own book The Governance of China, and The China Dream, both of which are available on Amazon.

The author of The China Dream, Liu Mingfu, also attended the event. Liu said that China has had three great leaders: Mao Zedong, who founded the new China; Deng Xiaoping, who opened China to the world, and now Xi, who's realizing a dream.