China-Africa ties set to expand

2014-05-06 07:30

As the yuan gains acceptance as a trade-settlement currency, African central banks are likely to diversify their foreign exchange reserves to include the Chinese currency.

Accusation of 'China's neocolonialism' disproved

2014-05-05 17:37

Bilateral cooperation between China and Africa has benefited both sides for half a century and disproves the accusation that China pursues neocolonialism in Africa.

Advancing China-Africa ties

2014-05-05 07:39

This is Li's first visit to Africa since he took office in 2013, and it comes within a year of President Xi Jinping's visit to the continent as part of his first trip abroad after taking office.

Power of resonance

2014-04-18 09:46

The Chinese Dream put forth by President Xi Jinping has captured the hearts and minds of people in China, and to a large extent in Africa. The fervor to embrace the Chinese Dream is understandable, as it seeks to provide a life of prosperity for people in which they can become whatever they choose to be.

A place to learn, a place to realize dreams

2014-04-11 09:49

During a recent visit to Cairo and Maputo, I heard frequently nihao or xieixie (meaning "how are you" and "thank you" in Chinese) in the street. More surprisingly, when I was giving a speech at the Confucius Institute at Cairo University, students asked me questions in Mandarin that sounded far better than my own Hunan-accented Mandarin.

Ethiopia's foot-steps forward

2014-01-24 14:50

Overseas investment by Chinese companies is growing at a steady rate in 2013, particularly in African countries, including, in Ethiopia.

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