DPRK urged to quit atomic programs

Updated: 2006-10-07 08:52

Both China and Russia have urged the United States and North Korea to hold talks, which Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said Friday "could be useful in resolving the situation." But he said U.S. Ambassador John Bolton informed the council that there would be no North Korean-US talks except in the margins of resumed six-party talks.

Bolton said the Security Council needs to adopt a long-term strategy to deal with North Korea but the top U.S. priority now is to stop a nuclear test.

"We take the threat by North Korea seriously. We don't think this is an attention-getting device of people waving their arm to say `see me, see me.' We think this would be consistent with the unfortunate logic that North Korea has been following," he said.

"North Korea should understand how strongly the United States and many other council members feel that they should not test this nuclear device," Bolton said. "And that if they do test it, it would be a very different world the day after the test ... because there would be another nuclear power."