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Xijiang, a living fossil of Miao ethnic culture

2013-03-22 10:35

By (People's Daily Online)

Xijiang, a living fossil of Miao ethnic culture

The village enjoys a beautiful natural environment with green mountains and crystal-clear water. [Photo/People's Daily Online]

Xijiang dubbed a “living fossil of Miao ethnic culture” by historians and researchers is supposed to be the largest Miao Village. It is well known for its thousand well-persevered households of Miao ethnic group, situated in 35 kilometers Northeast of Leishan county, China’s Guizhou province. Xijiang is a cultural relic under provincial level protection.

The exotic costumes and brilliant silver ornaments, lifestyle and the unique architecture of their wooden houses have always been a fascination for tourists. The houses are so tightly packed along the slopes. Cobblestone paths wind through the village, connecting every house. Exploring Xijiang Miao Village, one will feel closest to the culture of the Miao ethnic group.

Many families in Xijiang Miao Village offer accommodations for tourists. People of Miao, warmhearted and hospitable, always treat guests with the best food and rice wine. Sounds of cheering and toasting often ring out. Many local dishes are displayed on the table, with visitors sitting on one side and the family on the other.

The housewife gives everyone a cup and fills it with rice wine. As soon as the wine is poured, she sings a folk song inviting everyone to drink wine. Other family members sing one by one and toast the guests. It's a local custom that guests cannot refuse to drink.

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Xijiang, a living fossil of Miao ethnic culture

Xijiang, a living fossil of Miao ethnic culture

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