Connecting China, Connecting the World

Projecting daily hits of  12 million,, one of China's top nine news portals at state level, boasts a loyal elite readership worldwide and serves as a cyber bridge connecting China and the world since its initial launch in 1995. The website consists of, after a large-scale 2006 face-lift, three major sections: English Portal, World Online, and English Study. Includes more than 50 sub-sites and over 300 columns.

Complementing the initial online-edition services to all papers affiliated with the China Daily Group, the English Portal, backed by China Daily's highly professional regiment of journalists and editors, with state-of-the-art technological support, feeds up-to-the-minute, accurate, in-depth, and real life news and information to online readers. The website uses the latest innovations to serve readers with the latest multimedia technologies, such as the application of web TV and audio slide shows. Contents of English Portal cover all big events at home and abroad, which are enriched by editorial and news analysis from unique viewpoints. It also includes Culture, Citylife, Forum, Olympic, Entertainment and Lifestyle sections.

World Online, the Chinese-language web page on the China Daily website, reports international affairs in a timely and professional manner and analyzes world news in-depth with exclusive columnists, opinions and editorials. Coupled with the flow of news reporting, World Online guides readers in a well-rounded observation of world events. With high-level programs including Weekly Focus, China Central, World Report, Opinion, World Headline, Defense News and Voice sub-sites, World Online aims to report the world. 

Language Tips is the English study section, providing a relaxed and solid English learning environment. Based on Bilingual News, Word and Story, Translation Tips, Audio & Video, Book Channel and Kids English channels, Language Tips helps you practice your English, both oral and written, in a fun learning environment.

Photo and cartoon sections compose two online platforms showcasing the latest happenings and events in China and around the world, which are done by professional and amateur photographers and cartoon artists.

Poised and vivid, authoritative while fun, the China Daily website guides readers into China and the world.