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More blood is shed on ‘Desperate Housewives’

Updated: 2009-12-01 10:33
More blood is shed on ‘Desperate Housewives’

A furious Mike tells Katherine he never loved her and thought only about Susan when they were together. Once he leaves, Katherine picks up a knife and, apparently, turns it on herself. [Agencies]


Nothing hurts like love: Katherine continues to head down the path to insanity, but this time, she tried to use Mike and Susan's young son, M.J., as a pawn. First, she fills the young boy's head with her woes and blames his mother. Then, she picks him up from a party without telling his parents. A furious Mike confronts her and ends up spitting out that he never loved her and thought of Susan every time he held or kissed Katherine. When he leaves, Katherine picks up a knife, calls for an ambulance, and then apparently cuts herself offscreen. Viewers hear a gasp and see the bloody knife, but not how serious the injury was. That was kind of a lot of blood on the blade, though.

Real name revealed: Katherine isn't the only one who apparently tried to take her own life. When Julie tells Angie's son Danny that she'll never date him again, even though he says he's forgiven her for seeing his father, he takes an overdose of pills. He survives, but in the hospital, he confesses to his nurse that his real name isn't Danny, it's Tyler. And in another revelation about the Bolen family mystery, Angie sputters out to Nick that she was the one who killed a man. Who and why, of course, has yet to be revealed.

Bitter office battle: When did Carlos, always a wonderful character, turn into an unfeeling jerk? When Lynette won't take the Florida job, he takes her office away and puts her in a utility closet. For a moment, he and Gaby feel bad and try to make up with the Scavos, but by the time they do, Lynette has already sicced a lawyer on Carlos. When he's served with legal papers, he becomes so angry that he ends up firing Lynette when she won't give up Penny's school Christmas pageant to work on an unreasonable project. Watch it, "Housewives." You are seriously ruining one of the best characters in your cast.

A catered affair: Susan discovers Bree and Karl's affair and takes it out on Bree in self-defense class. She later confronts the two together and lists off all the wrongs Karl committed against her during their marriage. But the sordid facts don't bother Bree — in fact, they get her to confess, in front of both Karl and Susan, that she loves him. Finally, Susan admits that if they really think they're in love, they should grab at the chance. Meanwhile, Karl and Bree are still proceeding with their plan to get blackmail photos of Orson consorting with a known felon, going so far as to dig up one of Orson's old jailmates and telling him Orson wanted to see him.