Sino-German zone creates space for service cooperation

Updated: 2014-03-06 13:43

(China Daily)

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The Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone, a bilateral cooperative project between the German and Chinese governments, is forging ahead in its transformation into an ideal base for Sino-European industrial cooperation.

Founded in 2012, the zone is dedicated to the development of industrial services ranging from R&D and design, testing and certification, new IT, clean energy, convention and exhibitions to occupational training.

It aims to become a model zone in line with international standards, with its management and business environment similar to Germany.

Of its latest developments, the zone has forged extensive cooperative ties with leading research institutes in China and abroad to enhance R&D capacities.

For instance, it has joined closer forces with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Germany, a leading R&D institute in Europe, for a model project of energy-efficient architecture.

At the same time, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has unveiled an industrial technology institute there with 25 innovative teams and eight research centers.

And the zone has partnered up with several globally renowned vocational training organizations including Germany-based F+U International and Steinbeis Foundation, with the preparation of a Sino-Germany polytechnic right underway.

The zone has seen a growing number of regional headquarters of international companies, including the Asia-Pacific headquarters of Osram, the Southern China headquarters of Allianz and Steinbeis Foundation, and the southern base of TUV Rheinland.

The zone is also anticipating the South China headquarter of Zongshen Group, an industrial giant based in Southwest China's Chongqing city. The group company intended to construct its South China German Center in the zone.

It will also introduce manufacturer associations from abroad, including the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea, by providing all-round services.

The zone has set up several platforms with partners primarily from Germany for high-end industrial services ranging from intellectual property right protection, business matchmaking, computing and service-oriented cloud manufacturing, German think-tanks, private equity and exhibition.

Beside, the zone aims to attract not only capital but also intelligence and mechanism in particular from Europe.

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Sino-German zone creates space for service cooperation