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Tackling the source

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The big picture

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Stop pollution

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Blocking phone porn

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10th anniversary

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Pay for inefficiency

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Sex slaves

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Draw lessons

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Report 'shocking'

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Brick kiln criticism

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Deng was right

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Helping Iraq

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Long memory

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Mixed marriage OK

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Show war photos

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Growing pains

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Closing the gap

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Need to read

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Olympics sabateurs

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Little emperors

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Debate: Should US commit to never being the first to use nuclear weapons?

For the first time, the United States has explicitly committed to not using nuclear weapons against a nonnuclear state. Although it is a welcome change in US nuclear strategy, should US go further and follow the example of China to commit itself to never being the first to use nuclear weapons?

From the Readers

Rich second generation can be productive

Lately, China's rich second generation are always criticized as being idle, arrogant and depraved, but with help from their parents and wives, they can become better people.


China revaluation would hurt US jobs

Extensive outsourcing by US industry means that a revaluation of the Chinese yuan sought by many US politicians would destroy US jobs,a study by independent economists and other experts said on Thursday.

China overtakes Germany in wind power