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Beware of radical public opinion

Updated: 2013-08-12 14:25
By Liu Peng (

Public opinion in both countries is hostile and tends to stifle dissent. Despite the increasingly radical public opinion, both countries show their laissez-faire attitudes at its best. The politicians have no intentions to persuade the public, or they don’t dare to try. In China, the tough stance of military experts is applauded online while Japan’s domestic opinion is led by its right-wing politicians, who instead flare up the topics for short-term interests. All these have obstructed diplomatists from trying to solve the problem meticulously, reasonably and realistically, what’s more, to maximize the national benefit of both countries.

Abe’s radical words will do nothing but irritate the feelings of the Chinese people and leaders, impeding the improvement of Sino-Japanese relations. Also, China should avoid misunderstanding gestures to better Sino-Japanese relations.[More]

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Beware of radical public opinion