Kids should choose their jobs

Updated: 2012-03-22 08:15

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Can firms keep it in the family?" (China Daily, March 15)

It is difficult to force children to take over from their parents if their interests and skills are different.

What's important is to nurture kids, let them discover their own skills and give them opportunities to stand or fail on their own. If they then demonstrate the necessary capabilities and commitment to the career, they can invest them in the business.

Forcing children into a business they are not keen on may also force them to fail in life, and parents should consider their kids' happiness. Moreover, others may be better teachers than the parents themselves when it comes to business.

Finally, parents should bear in mind that success is not solely measured by wealth.

It is a combination of fulfillment, integrity and competence.

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(China Daily 03/22/2012 page9)