Lars Hall
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Lars Hall
Melbourne, 28 November 1956: Lars HALL from Sweden, winner of the modern pentathlon, at the finish line of the running portion of the event during the Games of the XVI Olympiad. Credit: IOC Olympic Museum Collections/JAY Harry

Born: 30 April 1927

Deceased: 26 April 1991

Birthplace: Karlskrona (Sweden)

Nationality: Sweden

Sport: Modern Pentathlon


Helsinki 1952

Melbourne / Stockholm 1956


Olympic medals:

Gold: 2

Silver: 1

Other results:

World Championships

Gold: 6 (49, 50, 51, 53)

The First Repeat Winner of the Modern Pentathlon

Lars Hall was the first non-military winner of the modern pentathlon. At the 1952 Helsinki Games, Hall benefited from two lucky breaks. The horse he was assigned for the equestrian competition was discovered to be lame. The horse he was given as a substitute turned out to be so fast that Hall's only challenge was to keep from falling off while the horse raced through the course.

Two days later, Hall arrived late for the pistol-shooting competition, but he was saved from disqualification due to a protest that was still being sorted out. He went on to win the gold medal. In 1956, Hall finished first again to become the first repeat winner of the modern pentathlon.

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