Xinjiang Huachuang Tianyuan Industrial Co, Ltd

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Updated: 2016-02-01

Xinjiang Huachuang Tianyuan Industrial Co, Ltd was established in April 2000 and went into operation in September. It has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in producing new pipe materials like steel frame plastic composited tubes and supporting materials. It has three production lines to produce products of four specifications. The company is able to produce 260 kilometer long pipes and supporting materials in a year. The company has four departments and one office, with 104 staff members, including 18 technicians and 50 members with junior college and higher education backgrounds.

The company has won certificates for the steel frame plastic composited tubes from the regional technology supervision bureau. It has passed new product identification from the regional construction department. The product has been listed in the directory of scientific and technological achievement promotion in the construction sector of the region. The company has been awarded the license to produce special-purpose equipment by the General Administration of Quality Supervision for Inspection and Quarantine. It has been ranked as the regional Torch Program by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Science Committee. The company and the steel frame plastic composited tubes have won the regional high-tech product authentication certificate. In October 2001, it acquired the ISO9002 quality system authentication certificate from the Beijing Sanxing 9000 Quality Body.

Similar to ordinary plastic tubes, the steel frame plastic composited tubes have the merits of light weight, heat preservation, corrosion resisting, no scaling, and smooth and low resistance. They are also known for steel tube rigidity, impact resistance, temperature resistance, creep resistance, a small coefficient of thermal expansion, and high intensity. They are widely applied in the delivery of petroleum, natural gas, water supply and drainage, and solid materials of mines, cement and smelting sectors.

The company’s Huachuang branded steel frame plastic composited tubes have been widely used in oilfields, chemical industry and municipal construction projects. They are recognized in the market and praised for high quality and after-sale services. The company has won sound economic benefits with the products. In 2004, the company had 30.17 million yuan in sales revenues and 26.15 million yuan gross industrial output values.

The company is willing to cooperate with partners in and out of the region for mutual progress.

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