Attractive tourism resources


Tai'an is rich in natural resources. The city is dotted with the following scenic spots.

Besides Mount Tai, there are historic sites and Buyang Village in Taishan district is famous for its folk customs.

Culai National Forest Park, Dawenkou historic site and ruins of Great Wall built during the state of Qi (BC 1046- 221) in Daiyue district.

In Feicheng city, the scenery includes 100,000 mu of peach, the tomb for Fanli (China's historic politician, strategist and economist) and tomb for Zuoqiu Ming (BC 556-451, Chinese historian).

Dongping county is home to the well-known Dongping Lake and Mount La National Forest.

Tai'an authorities give priority to tourism development which encompasses six aspects: cafes, hotels, traffic, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.

Tourism services have been upgraded all around with several star-rated hotels built, a tourism consulting system optimized and souvenirs developed.

Cultural festivals have been cultivated to cater to tourists. These festivals are led by Dongyue Temple Fair, Mount Tai International Climbing Festival and Feicheng Peach-picking Day.

Efforts put on building the tourism industry have paid off with Tai'an welcoming over 10 million tourists every year, making tourism a pillar industry of the city.

Editor: Li Jing

Source: Information Office of Tai'an Government