Mineral resources in Tai'an


Tai'an, Shandong province is rich in underground mineral resources. A total of 63 types of minerals have been discovered and 101 mineral deposit sites have been proved to have reserves.

The reserves in sulfur, gypsum, rock salt, sylvite, serpentine and jade rank first in Shandong province.

Bauxite reserves rank second in the province, while iron ore ranks third and coal ranks forth.

To date, 540 million tons of iron reserves have been identified, mainly in Dongping county and Daiyue district in Tai'an.

A total of 2 billion coal reserves have been identified, scattered throughout Xintai city, Feicheng city, Ningyang county and Dongping county.

Nearly 38 billion tons of gypsum reserves have been identified as well, in the Dawenkou and Wendong basins.

Halite is also scattered throughout Dawenkou Basin, which crosses Feicheng city and Daiyue district in Tai'an. The reserve area covers an area of 36.4 square kilometers. The halite has an average salt content of 86.76 percent, totaling 7.16 billion tons.

Limestone has been found throughout all the districts and counties in the city except Tai'an district. Granite is mainly found in Daiyue district, Xintai city and Feicheng city.