E-commerce Industrial Park


1. Project Introduction

The e-commerce industrial park is designated in Tai'an National High-tech Industrial Development Zoneadjacent to high-speed railways, and expressways, with convenient traffic. E-commerce industrial park will give full play to its location advantage and established big data industry, in a bid to lead the e-commerce industry development.

2. Project Content and the Scale of Construction

With a planned area of 3 square kilometers, the e-commerce industrial park will plan the construction of core sections and service sections. The e-commerce parks plans to build supporting facilities, including e-commerce headquarters, incubators of e-commercial enterprises, offline experience areas, logistics areas, ,and cross-border e-commerce clusters.

3.Project Conditions

IT giants have settled in Tai'an Hi-tech zone, including Microsoft, Huawei and Oracle, forming the formation of science and technology industrial agglomeration. Local cloud data centers also back up the development of the electricity-e-commerce park.

Tai'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the southern part of the city boasting convenient transportation Beijing near Beijing-Shanghai railway, Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai expressway,and Beijing-Fuzhou expressway.

Tai'an decided to accelerate the development of electronic commerce in 2015, put forward the scheme to build backbone e-commerce, specialized e-commerce platforms and cluster of e-commerce enterprises.

4. Total Investment

With current planning, the total Investment of the project is 5 billion yuan ($724.66 million).

5. Market Analysis and Economic effectiveness Forecast

Tai'an's trade and commerce kept developing in a steady and healthy pace in 2015, and the annual e-commerce transaction reached 63 billion yuan in 2015, up by an increase of 30%. As an open tourist city, Tai'an boasts good offline experience services, posing an edge for O2O e-commerce. Meanwhile, organic agriculture in Tai'an is advanced nationwide, which can meet people’s increasing demand for organic food with improving living conditions.

The state council calls for the development of e-commerce, in accordance with the Belt and Road Initiative and Internet Plus strategy. The sales overturn of imports and exports of e-commerce in China in 2016 is expected to reach 6.5 trillion yuan by the Ministry of Commerce, and the figure is expected to reach 8 trillion yuan in 2017.

Estimated revenue: 8 billion yuan; total ROI: 60%; ROI period: 5 years. 6. Cooperation Approaches Sole proprietorship or joint venture.

7. Project Type


8. Contact

Tai'an Bureau of Commerce