Natural Sports Park


1. Project Introduction

Located between Mount Culai and Wenhe River, relying on the open area of the mountains, river and lake with special landscape, ecological leisure sports projects and perfect sports facilities are to be developed into an open ecological sports park.

2. Project Content and the Scale of Construction

With a planned area of 1.3 square kilometers, the park will involve a lot of facilities, including stadiums, trails, fishing recreational area, sections for rv camping, cycling lanes, rehabilitation centers for athletes.

The project will focus on construction of sports venues, offer visitors exercise lanes along the river for jogging and cycling;for fishing enthusiasts, recreational fishing grounds will be provided;different types of rock climbing walls will also be built; other open pitches to be built including volleyball, soccer and tennis.

3. Project Conditions

According to Tai'an city's plan, the sports industry will rely on Culai Mountain and Wenhe River, and a comprehensive sports recreational area integrating ball games, mountains, water, sand and highway sports; the base of outdoor mountain sports will also be developed, projects including mountaineering racing and hiking; with the domestic comprehensive promotion of the concept of region-based toursim, and in accordance with Tai'an's tourism strategy: "travel Plus", the project will be the core sports center of Culai and Wenhe River scenic area.

Mount Culai is the "green lung" of Tai'an, and the wide Wenhe river boasts high coverage of greenbelt which reaches 92 percent, composing a real natural oxygen bar; with the popularization of national fitness activities, the project will attract customers from cities near Tai'an and the metropolitan area of Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, and become the first natural sports park nationwide with huge market potentials.

4. Total Investment

With current planning, the total Investment of the project is 3.589 billion yuan ($520.16 million).

5. Market Analysis and Economic effectiveness Forecast

In 2014, the number of domestic fitness clubs reached 5,919 attracting 15.07 million members,and the industry layout of sports was gradually taking shape; meanwhile, with the popularization of national fitness activities, sports fitness is no longer limited to commercial venues, an increasing demand for daily public sports fitness facilities from residents is urgent.

During the the process of urbanization in China, former decorative buildings like parks and sports venues gradually transform into new landmarks of cities to reveal its beauty and charm, so the comprehensive natural sports park will be a distinctive feature of Tai’an.

Estimated revenue: 4.666 billion yuan; total ROI: 30%; ROI period: 8 years.

6. Cooperation Approaches

Sole proprietorship or joint venture.

7. Project Type


8. Contact

Tai'an Bureau of Commerce

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