Strive in Tai'an with your wealth, Thrive with Mount Tai for your wisdom


The name Tai'an is derived from Mount Tai and implies that "The country is prosperous and the people are at peace", which is a world-famous tourist resort. It governs Taishan district, Daiyue district, Xintai city, Feicheng city, Ningyang county, Dongping county, Tai'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Tai’an Tourism&Economic Development Zone and Taishan Scenic Area, covering a total area of 7,762 square kilometers with a population of 5.56 million.

Tai'an is located in Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration (SPUA) and the economic area around the Bohai Sea. It enjoys superior position, convenient transportation, abundant resources, good inhabitation environment, and dominant science and technology education. Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Beijing-Shanghai Hi-speed Railway go through Tai'an city, and Beijing-Fuzhou and Beijing-Shanghai Expressways meet here.

The mineral resources in Tai'an is rich, including 63 kinds of resources such as coal, iron, rock salt, gypsum, sulfur, limestone and granite with the total reserves of 50 billion tons. Tai'an is one of the three centers for science, education and culture in Shandong province, which can offer powerful talent's supporting and intellectual support for society.

The tourism resources in Tai'an are in advantageous position. Mount Tai which lies in Tai'an is the World Natural and Cultural Heritage and the World Geopark. It is listed as chief of the ten famous mountains of China.

Tai’an is an emerging industry city with four advanced industries, including automobile, electric transmission and transformation equipment. Inorganic nonmetallic materials and equipment manufacturing industry have also been developing rapidly. Four strategic emerging industries: new material, new energy and energy-conservation and environmental protection, electronic information, biomedicine and bio-breeding suddenly rise, having formed new economic growth point.

Agricultural modernization level has got remarkable improvement, some specialized agriculture such as grain, vegetable, oil plants, fruit, livestock, and flowers nursery have prominent advantages. Tourism culture industry is growing vigorously, having built a tourism culture industry highland which the natural sightseeing coordinates with cultural tourism as well as tourism industry combines with culture industry.

The infrastructure facilities in Tai'an are perfect, and service functions are complete as well. At present, it has planned and built 8 provincial-level development zones and a culture tourism industry park. Tai'an has been an ideal city for investment with good environment, safe and comfortable which is fit for residence.

Tai'an, a famous international modern tourism city full of vigor will greet the guests all over the world. Welcome to Tai'an! Welcome to Mount Tai!