Rich agricultural resources


Tai'an is endowed with quality soil, good climate and rich biological resources.

The city is China's big production base for crops, oil products, fruits, vegetables, livestock, poultry and pollution-free farm produce.

To date, Tai'an boasts more than 30 types of branded products. Leading these branded products are chestnut, walnut, tea, red ganoderma, fleece-flower root in Taian, peach in Feicheng city, date in Ningyang county and hairy crab in Dongping county.

Planting areas with distinct features are earmarked to cultivate green food, such as four bases producing pollution-free farm produce and 42 bases producing organic vegetables.

Tai'an is now home to 11 enterprises engaged in food processing.

Editor: Li Jing

Source: Information Office of Tai'an Government