White pear of Mount Tai


White pear of Mount Tai

White pears of Mount Tai. [File photo]

White pears of Mount Tai are mainly grown in the area of Zhonggong town, Xiying town, Yinxiuchun village in Licheng district.

With characteristics of early ripe, good color, thin peel, soft flesh, much juice, and sweet taste, they are sold far to Japan, Southeast Asia, HongKong, Macao and other areas, honored the reputation of "Queen Pear of Mount Tai".

Pear, reputed by ancient people as "the superior fruit", is a fruit of rich nutrition, including various vitamins as malic acid, citric acid, glucose, and carotene. Thus it can be used to clear away heart-fire, moisten the lung, relieve cough, reduce sputum, lower blood pressure as well as reduce fever and keep calm.


Source: Shandong on Internet