• Administrative Regulations


    These regulations are formulated for the purposes of strengthening export control of missiles and missile-related items and technologies, and safeguarding the State security and social and public interests.

  • Constitution and related laws


    The Constitution is the core and basis of the entire Chinese legal system and the highest legal authority. It embodies the nature and basic principles of Chinese law and gives guiding principles for other branches of the law.

  • Administrative law


    This is a general reference to legal norms concerning the delegation, exercise and operation of administrative power and the supervision of delegation, including laws on the administrative system, basic principles for the administration, and forms, methods and procedures of administrative organs, and civil servants.

  • Civil law and commercial law


    Civil law covers property and personal relations between citizens, between legal persons and between citizens and legal persons that are equal subjects, where property relations means social relations between people arising from the possession, use and distribution of material wealth.

  • Economic law


    The Economic Law deals with economic relations arising from the State's economic branch and has developed along with the market economy and market economic system for addressing the needs of indirect regulation of the economy.

  • Social law


    China has enacted laws on labor relations and safeguarding workers, principally the Labor Law, Trade Union Law and Law on Mining Safety, and has enacted laws protecting special social groups.

  • Criminal law


    Criminal law is a basic part of the Chinese legal system and specifies crimes and related punishments. People are more concerned about criminal law than any other branch of law in their daily lives and the law is the most important regulatory document, with the State Security Law and other special laws and regulations included.

  • Law on lawsuit and non-lawsuit procedures


    This law covers various lawsuit activities and regulates judicial activities, restricts judicial power, protects justice and efficiency, and ensures from the procedural aspect the correct implementation of substantive law.

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