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Shanxi University institutes lauded for their R&D


Updated : 2020-07-07

Two institutes at Shanxi University (SXU) were recently selected as incubators of new industry-teaching-research institutes in the field of informatization in North China's Shanxi province.

Informatization is the process where new, cutting-edge communications technologies are increasingly used to advance socioeconomic development as a nation becomes an information society.

SXU officials said the new R&D institutes will be those mainly oriented towards cluster development of strategic emerging industries and traditional industrial transformation and upgrading.

The two selected to be incubators from Shanxi University are the Shanxi Artificial Intelligence Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Health Science and Technology Innovation Center at Shanxi University Science and Technology Park.

In partnership with several Shanxi tech companies, the Shanxi Artificial Intelligence Industrial Technology Research Institute targets AI applications in Shanxi’s pillar industries and is committed to overcoming key technical bottlenecks.

Meanwhile, the Health Science and Technology Innovation Center focuses on R&D and technical services in traditional Chinese medicine, wearable device data platforms, the environment and the health big data analysis fields to meet the needs of health industrial cluster development in Shanxi province.

SXU officials said the recognition for two institutes marked the point where the university had taken a solid step in boosting its innovation and promoting regional high-quality economic development.

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