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Qingdao Autumn Automobile Expo kicks off

Visitors check the motor of a car during an introduction by a dealer at the Qingdao Autumn Automobile Expo on Oct 19.

Scientific research ship starts sea trial

China's ocean research vessel, the Dayang Yihao, leaves Zhongqingdaoyuan terminal in Qingdao for a comprehensive sea trial in the South China Sea on Oct 18.

22nd Qingdao Intl Beach Festival opens

Swimmers pose for a group photo at the opening ceremony of the 22nd Qingdao International Beach Festival on Oct 12 at Qingdao No 1 Bathing Beach.

Penguins stand around national flag in Qingdao

A penguin stands by the national flag at the Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean World. A "flag-raising" ceremony is held there everyday as penguins are trained to gather around the red flag.

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