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Special stamps feature Chinese children's games

By Li Hongrui ( Chinaculture.org )

Updated: 2017-06-01

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Special stamps feature Chinese children's games

Three special stamps featuring children's games issued by China Post on May 31, 2017. [Photo/chinapost.com.cn] 

Today is Children's Day.

For some, the special day brings back sweet childhood memories of a time when they were small, innocent and naive. The food they ate, books they read and especially the games they played always feature in their memories.

China Post released six special stamps that feature children's games on Wednesday. The Tianjin Stamp Company also issued commemorative envelopes on a similar theme.

The stamps portray a series of common games played by children from North China in the 1980s. The designer intended to remind people of their childhood and games they once fancied such as rolling an iron ring, throwing bean bags and kicking the shuttlecock.

The commemorative envelopes are based on comics created by artist Wang Zhiheng from Tianjin.

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