Passionate carnival at Qingdao Expo

Updated: 2014-05-13

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The ongoing 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition, which opened on April 25, not only brings to life the charm of horticulture, but also offers passion and fun through rides in the carnival.

More than 50 amusement park rides are participating in the carnival. The majority of them are from foreign countries, including Holland, Germany, Italy and the United States. All the projects have been qualified by the China State-level and provincial authority. To date, a team with some 300 professionally-trained staff is responsible for operation of the rides.

Passionate carnival at Qingdao Expo

The Giant Wheel is 44 meters high and has 36 cabins; each holds six guests.

Passionate carnival at Qingdao Expo

Visitors will find romance and excitement by being thrown 40 meters high, then dropping to the ground at lightning speed after G-Force starts.