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Remains of legendary succubus mistress of Liu Fei excavated in Han Dynasty tomb of Xuyi      2011-09-06
A Dayunshan Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) tomb in Xuyi county is a great discovery for Jiangsu province.

Xuyi Power to promote farmer's benefit card      2011-08-30
Jiangsu Xuyi electrical supply company and post office have reached an agreement on August 23 regarding the "farmer's benefit card". Farmers from Xuyi village will be able to use this card to pay their electrical bills, saving a lot of time.

Xuyi Crayfish opens headquarters in New York      2011-07-22
China’s Xuyi Crayfish Industrial Group has set up its new headquarters in New York, showing signs its ready to expand its crayfish industry further into the global market.

Xuyi promotes better living standards      2011-07-04
Xuyi is making efforts to improve the standard of living for its residents, especially those who are suffering economically.

Xuyi Crayfish Beijing restaurant opens      2011-06-02
As an important part of the Beijing leg of the Xuyi Crayfish Festival, the ceremony for the establishment of Xuyi Crayfish Industrial Group Beijing Company and the opening of Xuyi Crayfish Beijing restaurant was held.

Xuyi crayfish hits Beijing market      2011-06-02
This summer, people in Beijing may eat Xuyi crayfish, a product under the protection of geographical indications in Guijie Street, a street of restaurants in Beijing, or buy it in Xinfadi and other large wholesale markets.

Xuyi received oil price subsidy from the central coffer      2011-06-02
The Department of Finance and Transportation in Jiangsu province jointly issued a document to deliver a fiscal subsidy of 4.8892 million yuan for oil price reform in Xuyi.

Five million yuan to be awarde      2011-06-02
The Xuyi county government has appropriated 5.02 million yuan of special incentive funding to stimulate the private economy.

Clean energy projects carried out in Xuyi      2011-06-02
Xuyi County is a famous commodity grain base in China. It is also a national ecological demonstration area and a national demonstration county for conservation of water and soil and improvement.

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