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Precision Machinery Industrial Park (New Zone)2018-05-14

Taking full advantages of highly concentrated precision machinery industry and high concentration of German enterprises, the Precision Machinery Industrial Park will establish an industrial technology innovation system.

New Material Industrial Park2018-05-14

New Material Industrial Park will focus on the development of electronic information materials, new energy materials and new chemical materials.

Equipment Manufacturing Park2018-05-14

Marine equipment and transportation equipment, the two equipment industrial bases which have strong agglomeration effect, will be established in the Equipment Manufacturing Park.

New Energy Industrial Park2018-05-14

New Energy Industrial Park will focus on the two industrial chains: PV and wind energy equipment, and then continue to improve the level of core technology R&D and the capacity of high-end products manufacturing.

Taicang’s first national technical center set in Shaxi town2017-04-01

An inauguration ceremony was held on March 28 to celebrate the establishment of a national technical center funded by Anyou Group that is headquartered in Taicang.

Scotsman Ice Systems USA opens new plant in Taicang2017-04-12

Pingqian (Taicang) modern industrial park in Taicang’s Shaxi town achieved another investment milestone having attracted the settlement of Scotsman Ice Systems USA, a world leading supplier of ice machines.

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