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One legacy snack store in Shaxi town2019-10-29

Shaxi town is littered with stores selling snacks. From cakes and puddings to glutinous rice balls, all kinds of traditional types of desserts can be found there.

Local snack store offers taste of countryside2019-10-29

Local residents have sold traditional snacks for Spring Festival for more than 30 years in Taicang, Jiangsu province.

Take a bite of spring in Taicang2019-03-15

When spring approaches, Taicang natives start "eating" spring, that is , to eat seasonal vegetables.

Enjoy delicious pot-stewed duck in Taicang2019-03-12

Wandering around the ancient Liuhe town in Taicang, one is inevitably attracted by a seductive fragrance.

Taste of childhood: lard swelled candy rice2018-12-04

In Taicang's Shaxi town, lard swelled candy rice is the traditional snack.

Hidden-away stores keep authentic Taicang delicacies2018-04-09

People often say that to know a city you need to start with its delicacies.

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