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72 hours in Hunan

Updated: 2018-09-10

Located in the south central part of the Chinese mainland, Hunan province has long been known for its natural beauty. It is surrounded by mountains on the east, west, and south, and by the Yangtze River on the north. Its mixture of mountains and water makes it one of the most beautiful provinces in China. For thousands of years, the region has been a major center of agriculture, growing rice, tea, and oranges.

Hunan has a humid, subtropical climate. The monsoon rain falls mostly in April, May, and June. July and August are uncomfortably hot and humid. The best travel time is fall, when the temperature is cooler and the rainfall lighter. Low temperatures in winter are usually above freezing, with daily highs around 10 C.

With abundant natural resources, the province covers 210,000 square kilometers. It is adjacent to Jiangxi province in the east, Chongqing municipality and Guizhou province in the west, Guangdong province and Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in the south, and Hubei province in the north. The province has a total population of 64,400,700. It is multiethnic, with Miao, Dong, and Yao being the largest minorities. Their unique cultures and ethnic customs attract numerous visitors every year.

The products here include Xiang embroidery, one of China's four famous embroideries, with high artistic value. With 200 years of history, the chrysanthemum stone carvings of Liuyang are remarkable achievements. Liuyang city is known for its fireworks, which draw spectators from all over the country.

Transit passengers from 51 countries including the US, Canada and all members of the EU can spend up to 72 hours in Hunan province without a visa. This visa-free policy allows foreigners from the 51 countries with visas and plane tickets to a third country to transit through Changsha, capital of Hunan. Below is a suggested itinerary for a 3-day trip.

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Changsha seeks to revive porcelain production

In recent years, the local government has sought to revive the region's long tradition in porcelain making and boost local industry with the cultural influence of ancient Tongguan kilns, which have a history of 1,200 years.

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