Charming Huaqiao
Kunshan promotes tourism in Taiwan
Fourth Session of China E-Commerce Logistics Conference kicks off
Goodbaby Warehouse Sale opens
Huaoqiao companies attend CCDCIE


Huaqiao International E-Commerce Industrial Park opens in Kunshan2012-08-09
Smart home experience center opens in Huaqiao2012-08-08
Cross-Straits trade zone planned in Kunshan2012-08-02
Digital China rated “Best Enterprise in Asia”2012-08-01
Suzhouhe Riverside Wetland Park completes phase one2012-07-31
Wales pub opens in Huaqiao2012-07-30
Xinguodu Project starts construction2012-07-27
French retailer Decathlon opens “green” mall 2012-07-26
Ren Hongbin: China to be worldwide leader in offshore outsourcing2012-07-25
Alex Stewart settles in Huaqiao2012-07-24
Huaqiao grows fast in services in the first half of 20122012-07-23
Headquarters based in Huaqiao ready to take off2012-07-20
Management Committee of Pingtan investigates Huaqiao2012-07-19
“Eco-city China Trip” in Huaqiao2012-07-14
Plan of Cross-Straits (Kunshan) commerce and trade cooperation zone2012-07-13
Huaqiao attends the 5th Asian Cold-Chain Logistics Peak Forum2012-07-11
Huaqiao launches a Law-Study Week for migrant workers2012-07-09
NIIT students conducts social practice in Huaqiao2012-07-06
Tsinghua professor Yin Cunyi investigates Huaqiao2012-07-05
Association of Construction Security and Equipment Management helps with Huaqiao’s green construction2012-07-04
Huaqiao’s efforts in rural “Three-cooperation” organizations2012-07-03
Huaqiao attracts merchants with Kunshan Expo2012-07-02
Kunshan Expo kicks off in Huaqiao2012-06-28
Huaqiao holds seminar of Party members2012-06-27
Huaqiao hosts zongzi wrapping competition2012-06-25
Huaqiao to host Kunshan Expo on June 282012-06-21
Two more foreign-capital research organizations2012-06-19
Suzhou FTU President visits Huaqiao2012-06-18
CABEE President Zheng Kunsheng visits Huaqiao2012-06-15
Huaqiao establishes one golf club2012-06-14
Slideshow Huaqiao2012-06-13
Pictuesque Huaqiao, modern hospitality industry base2012-06-13
Chinasourcing signs Huaqiao cooperation agreement2012-06-12
Huaqiao holds the first photographic salon2012-06-11
Huaqiao heads to Taiwan to hold “Jiangsu Week”2012-06-05
Kunshan scenery and customs were broadcasted on the CCTV 4 “Happy Chinese”show.2012-06-04
Two enterprises in Huaqiao acknowledged as High-tech Enterprises2012-05-30
The Planning Review of Huaqiao International Service Business Park passes interim evaluation2012-05-29
Huaqiao holds the second Sports Meeting2012-05-28
Huaqiao puts on Labor’s day gala2012-05-14
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