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Fengxue Temple Scenic Area      2010-09-15
It is surrounded by mountains, and enjoys picturesque scenery. Inside, pagoda towers and stone tablets stand in great numbers, bearing inscriptions with records of events, and poems in various styles of Chinese calligraphy.

Strange Slope Scenic Area      2010-09-15

Phenomena against the law of gravity endow these hills with the unique name, “Strange Slope.” The water mysteriously flows upwards and goes uphill, but seems to be going downhill—this somehow manages to pull in masses of tourists from home and abroad.

Faxingsi Pagoda      2010-09-15
The tower is about 30 meters high and made of bricks. It is shaped roughly like a parabola.

Hot Spring Leisure Resort      2010-09-15

Ruzhou Hot Spring Leisure Resort sits within the Hot Spring town, 27 kilometers away from Ruzhou city. It is known for its hot spring. The resort has beautiful landscape, peaceful environment, and amicable climate.

Ruzhou Xuegong      2010-09-14
With a history of more than 600 years, Ruzhou Xuegong is of historical significance in terms of ancient architecture and education, forming an inseparable architectural complex with the neighboring Confucian Temple.

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