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South view in Ruzhou: Longfeng Mountain
( China Daily )
Updated: 2014-05-25
South view in Ruzhou: Longfeng Mountain

Natural barriers

There goes a beautiful story in Longfeng Mountain. During the Sui Dynasty (581–618 AD), an immortal named Zhang Guolao made a tour here one day. He enjoyed the wonderful views and felt as if he had arrived in paradise. Suddenly, he saw a phoenix with golden wings fighting with nine dragons on the river. The golden-winged phoenix swooped and tried to peck the heads of the dragons. Meanwhile the nine dragons flew upward together and surrounded the phoenix, trying to swallow their enemy. At the crucial moment, Zhang Guolao waved his weapon, making the nine dragons tumble on the east river bank and then turn into nine mountain peaks. At the same time, the phoenix wore out and fell on the west bank, turning into a mountain peak as well. Later, people called the west peaks Long Mountain (Long means dragon in Chinese) and the east Feng Mountain (Feng mean phoenix in Chinese). Longfeng Mountain has been famous ever since.

Located on the boundary between Mimiao Town and Dayu Town, Longfeng Mountain covers an area of 49.3 square kms. There are ranges of mountains and canyons in the scenic spot. Additionally, there are geographic wonders like cliffs, stone forests and caves, and mist, sunrise, sunset and forest landscapes.

The ancient villages near Longfeng Mountain are well-proportioned. Currently, village tourism has become popular in the call of China’s construction of “New countryside and beautiful countryside”. Taking advantage of the geographic situation, the developer of Longfeng Mountain has reconstructed the landscape by planting numbers of fruit trees and creating tourism products featuring healthcare, religious worship, cultural activities, leisure, sports and vacations, all the while hoping to build a vacation brand for Longfeng Mountain.


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