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Ruzhou hosts awards ceremony for photo contest
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-01-24

Professional and amateur photographers submitted a total of 520 photos to the "Culture Dukang Cup" Photography Competition, which was organized by a Ruzhou government organization, the city's Photography Association and Luoyang Jiuzu Dukang Sales Co, and 56 winners received awards at a ceremony on Jan 21.

The competition was launched in July of last year, and the entries show the city's social, economic and cultural development. The judging panel was composed of well-known photographers in Henan province. Guo Jie, vice-mayor of Ruzhou, and Zhang Guiming, a member of the leading Party group of the CPPCC Ruzhou municipal committee, handed out the awards.

Guo said that he hopes the photographers will continue to take photos of Ruzhou and would thus help improve the image of the city.

The winning photos will be exhibited during the upcoming Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

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