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Volume of annual visitors to Ruzhou reaches 1.41 million
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-12-31

A total of 1,409,600 tourists from China and abroad visited Ruzhou in central China’s Henan province in 2013, a year on year growth of 18 percent. The city’s tourism revenue reached 133.91 million yuan ($22.07 million), a year on year increase of 20 percent, according to the Ruzhou tourism bureau.

The city has taken a multi-channel strategy in its tourism promotion, and has set up advertisements and billboards on the Pinglin Highway - from Pingdingshan city to Linru town.

Ruzhou has also launched promotional initiatives involving Henan Daily and Zhenzhou Evening News, and aired promotional ads referring to various local attractions - including Fengxue Temple, Zhiyun Mountain and Ru porcelain - on Henan TV.

The local authorities have also used new media, including stories, pictures and videos about the city’s scenic spots on local tourism websites and national websites such as Xinhua.net and ifeng.com.

They also strengthened enforcement of regulations relating to safety and other issues affecting the tourism industry.

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